Company Profile


Snehsai Tape vision is to become India’s largest manufacturers of packaging products by adhering to its core values of perseverance, truthfulness, humility and respect. Snehsai Tape would like to be admired as a company that delivers complete customer satisfaction through focus on quality, innovation and excellence.


Snehsai Tape is a forward-looking company. Technology has always been a key element in our strategy and an important driver of our growth. We have invested heavily in manufacturing technology as well as Marketing and Advertising our Products.

Snehsai Tape has also made significant investments in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. This has enabled us to make high-quality products consistently and deliver them across the world whenever our customers need it.

Our ability to nurture long-term relationships with our partners has helped us build an enviable distribution network across the world

As a Quality Manufacturer of adhesive tape, our scale of operations and the ability to customize products for different needs, has meant that we can cater to a wide range of customers regardless of size, industry or location.


Our people are our biggest assets. Snehsai Tape has some of the brightest talents in the packaging industry spearheading the various activities. We are led by a top-notch management team and Highly Skilled Production workers and Machine Operators. Mr. Himanshu Patel started a unit to manufacture BOPP adhesive tapes Namely Snehsai Tape. It was a gamble that paid off.


Manufacturing Facility of Snehsai Tape is Located at Antalia G.I.D.C, Bilimora ( Gujarat ) Snehsai Tape has one of the largest & state of Art manufacturing facility in the region, to produce a wide range of quality Self Adhesive Tape, using advance coating technology, High Speed Slitting Machines with inline rotogravure printing.