Why us?

Advantages for using Snehsai Tape

1. Superb tack and adhesion to surface. Strong grip that is ensured because of an excellent adhesive backing.

2. Quality processing equipment that guarantees consistent quality.

3. Assured, marked tape length.

4. Longer Shelf Life.

5. Peak performance even under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature.

6. Sticks on all types of Surfaces.(viz. Paper, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Fiber, Metal, etc.)

Storage & Handling Precautions

1. Store in a clean dry place.

2. It is recommended that this Product should be stored at indoor to avoid sun light and moisture.

3. As this Product is Semi Inflammable Material, do not store near heat or Flame.

4. As this Product is Poor at impact, pay attention to heavy impact and do not handle with a hook.

5. By static electricity, this product can cause fire or electric shock.